正规的网赌平台技术Anti-Ram闸板ASTM F2656 M50 P1碰撞等级

M50 P1 Post & Beam Gate: XT-4200

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High Security Gates & 有宽入口的出入控制点的车辆屏障

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梁式门是理想的保护访问控制点与宽入口, 无需安装和维护多个楔形障碍物或护柱. And because the vertical support posts and foundations are often installed beyond the roadway margins, 这些屏障可以减少干扰地下公用设施的风险. XT-4200防撞击门具有独特的上升梁,由高度可靠的驱动, 机电传动系统. 它也被设计成无缝集成到可靠的网赌平台的XL-501后 & 梁栅栏创建一个交钥匙周边安全解决方案.

US Patent Number: 9,410,298

GCC Patent Number: GC0010920


Design Features

The Ross Anti-Ram Gate utilizes a structural steel tube beam engineered to travel vertically between two bollard-like posts, 在梁的两端永久地固定. 本系统具有专利, 能量吸收技术可以保证大门有一个24英尺宽的开口. When lowered, this cross member is housed in an unobtrusive channel and shallow foundation extending across the roadway. The efficient motion of this gate design reduces the travel distance required for the barrier to open and close compared to drop-arm gates, 哪个支点在一个长弧形运动中从一个端柱出发. This feature serves to significantly decrease the cycle time required to process vehicles and eliminates potential clearance issues with overhead objects such as trees, buildings or utilities. 正常操作时间在3 - 5秒内完成.

XT-4200可用于管理操作的许多设备选项, including control consoles, 安全回路和紧急操作(EO). 因为所有的操作部件都安装在地面以上, 这种屏障比护柱和楔子需要更少的维护,并且易于维护. 梁柱门适用于以下情况:

  • Wide entrances – one unit is capable of securing multiple lanes of traffic or spacious checkpoints used to process large vehicles
  • 〇无缝周边安保 门柱设计为接受正规的网赌平台XL-501邮政 & 梁栅栏部分,以消除空隙和多余的栅栏柱
  • Environmental restrictions – 禁止使用液压流体的工程
  • High traffic -因为光束传播的距离很短,这个门可以快速处理车辆
  • Restrictive site conditions – where high water tables or excessive precipitation would have a negative impact on operating components installed below ground
  • Excavation constraints -路面下的地下设施限制了挖掘深度
  • High-speed impacts -道路布局允许车辆达到更高的速度
  • Minimal setbacks – where critical assets or equipment are located close to entrances (such as in urban areas) and a high level of security is required regardless of potential vehicle speed
  • Bicycle/motorcycle access -需要防止两轮车辆进入的地方
  • Urban and corporate settings -视觉外观是一个重要的考虑因素
  • Sound restrictions -噪音水平令人关注的地方


Ross Post & Beam Anti-Ram Gate provides ASTM F2656 M50 P1 crash-tested security for high-threat and demanding environments. 具有大间隙开口,地上机电操作, 这种屏障是广泛的高安全性设施的理想选择, such as airports, stadiums, data centers, power generation facilities, 炼油厂和公司办公室.

正规的网赌平台技术已经制造了数以千计的高品质,耐用的车辆屏障系统. 可靠的网赌平台的客户中包括一些最大的政府机构, general contractors, 世界上的集成商和公司. 您可以发现可靠的网赌平台的产品服务于众多行业,包括:

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Technical Data

设计得非常灵活和用户友好, the XT-4200 is the only electro-mechanical rising beam barrier that meets the ASTM M50 P1 standard. 碰撞测试有一个24 '的清晰开口, 这种屏障不仅是确保宽入口安全的经济有效的解决方案, 它还可以降低维护和运营成本.

The all-electric system utilizes a continuous-duty rated motor and gearbox to provide long-term reliability and reduced downtime. 并且由于电机和驱动系统位于立柱内, 它们与外界隔绝以防止腐蚀. 这也使得访问设备进行服务变得容易. Finally, the crash beam is raised and lowered by a unique dual drive chain system to ensure consistently smooth and quiet operation.

Like our Anti-Ram Fence, the XT-4200 post design features integral rebar rods (provided by Ross) to spare installers the time and expense of purchasing rebar and building cages. 该职位也被设计为接受正规的网赌平台XL-501反公羊围栏梁完成, 综合周边安防系统.

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